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Optimal technology that verifies both the composition and potency of a cannabis flower.

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What Is Cannabi-Tech?

Cannabi-Tech is a team of experts developing the world’s first truly non-destructive and non-invasive analytical cannabis testing device. This proprietary technology provides precise potency readings of our cannabis flowers.

No solvents or grinding are required, the eco-friendly device can test potency with absolutely no sample preparation. Flowers will remain completely intact after analysis unlike most testing methods. This testing device is easy-to-use and results are almost instantaneous. This allows for real-time on-site decision-making.

Our team utilizes advanced optics and imaging analysis to overcome the immense challenges posed by the heterogenous cannabis flower. The analytical machine comes with an integrated cloud database. There are also plans to make the technology available with automated sorting, packaging, labeling, traceable packaging, mobile apps, and more.

Cannabi-Tech Benefits

What can Cannabi-Tech do for you?

  • Quantitative Evaluation – Rigid identification of flower composition and accurate potency results.

  • Process Control – Real time analysis, quality control, and decision making.

  • Boost Efficiencies – Automated sorting, packaging, and labelling.

  • Personalize Cannabis Medicine – Correlate between flower composition and treating specific health conditions.


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